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September 6th                                                                 
5:00pm   Pub/Picnic Theology-Groen Park

September 9th  
6:30pm  10th grade only Confirmation
September 13th Presentation of 3rd grade bibles-- Blessing of Backpacks

September 15th
5:30p Property & Education Committee      5:30p Spiritual Life & Growth Committee     
6:00p Stewardship
6:30p Worship Committee 7:00p Business Management Committee

September 16th
6:30p 10th grade Confirmation

September 20th  Blessing of Backpacks
8:50-9:30a Sunday School Starts

September 21st
7:00p Executive Council

September 23rd
6:30p 10th Grade Confirmation w/photo

September 27th  Presentation of 3 yr old Story Bibles 8:50-9:30a Sunday School                                   

September 30th
6:30p 10th grade Confirmation